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Leishmania: not just your pet

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Did you know that leishmaniasis also affects humans?

Extended until September 17, 2017



Leishmaniasis is, par excellence, the disease of poverty. Neither people nor animals are immune to it.


The National Museum of Natural Sciences inaugurates a temporary exhibition dedicated to leishmaniasis, a disease so widespread in some countries of the world, as unknown in others.


Although it is usually a disease associated with dogs, more than one million people a year are affected by it, ignored because it generally belongs to the most disadvantaged social segments.


Coinciding with the May 6th World Leishmaniasis Congress (Toledo, May 16-20, 2017), the Museum will collaborate in the dissemination and knowledge of this worldwide disease, which goes far beyond our pets.


In collaboration with the DNDi (Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative) and the Carlos III Health Institute.



Criollo peruano con leishmaniasis mucocutánea. Siglo XVIII. Obispo Martínez de Compañón.

Peruvian criollo with mucocutaneous leishmaniasis. 18th century. 
Bishop Martínez de Compañón.



6th World Congres on Leishmaniasis





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