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Royal Cabinet of Natural History



The Royal Cabinet is 240 years old !!



On November 3, 2016 the update of the exhibition Royal Cabinet of Natural History at the National Museum of Natural History (CSIC) was presented to the public. The inauguration coincides with a double anniversary: firstly, the third centenary of the birth of Pedro Franco Dávila was celebrated and, secondly, the 240th anniversary of the Foundation of the Royal Cabinet of Natural History.








We propose you a journey through time, in which you will experience the fascination of being in The Royal Cabinet of Carlos III, with its rich diversity of mollusc, insects, fish, reptiles, birds and mammals that we keep in our collections.

RGCIIIIn the past, science was mainly interested in collecting, describing and identifying the different species, in order to classify and know the components of nature. The "wonders of nature" could be admired in the so-called "Cabinets of Curiosities", which are the origin of the modern Museums of Natural History. The history of the Museum and its magnificent collections are in part due to this idea, the memory of biodiversity and its guarantee of future knowledge.



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1771. Royal Cabinet of Natural History


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