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About the Exhibitions Department




The Executive Office of Exhibitions strives to provide in an instructional, multidisciplinary, yet entertaining way information related to: biodiversity in Spain, advances in animal ecology, paleontological findings of worldwide importance, volcano risk management systems, geologic features that allow the detection of climatic changes, and many other natural science research projects undertaken by the Museum.

This is, in part, achieved through the various types of exhibitions - permanent, temporary and travelling.

The most immediate objectives of the exhibitions are:

  • 1) To bring to the public at large current scientific knowledge concerning natural resources and natural sciences (biology and geology).

  • 2) To make the Museum´s heritage known through:

  • - Research projects
  • - Specimen collections of native species
  • - Historical and bibliographic archives

  • 3) To promote the Museum´s own programs, exhibitions and educational activities.




Facing the challenge of finding our own cultural space among the avalanche of information available from multiple sources that is coming with the third millennium, the exhibitions of the Museum of Natural Sciences will have to integrate the latest and most sophisticated technologies with the specificity of its funds and history. The main effort will be made in showing to the society the signs of identity of a Museum founded more than two centuries ago: the treasure of its collections and its intellectual tradition, and also considering / as well as exhibitions from other centers, which will be considered according to their characteristics. The educational and ludic presentation of the Spanish biodiversity, the advances in animal ecology, the world relevant palaeontological findings, the systems of control of volcanic risks, the geological features that help to detect the climatic changes and many other research projects carried out in the Museum, will be the goal of the diffusion and will be accomplished through temporary exhibitions. These exhibitions will follow the criterion of covering the Spanish geography and, in occasions crossing our borders, to show the growing public the rich resources of our center. All this will be complemented with the educational public programs, for all levels, that provide the maximum exploitation of our cultural and scientific background.


Finally, the great task to accomplish is the renewal of the permanent exhibitions in order to renovate its contents according to the enormous dynamism of the present scientific progress, to incorporate the most pleasant and educative multimedia resources and to be useful for those physically disabled. The success of this endeavor must yield an increment of the exhibition areas in order to consolidate the Museum of Natural Sciences in the new European space and so to contribute in the development of Education and the exchange of ideas among the nations as a model of solidarity and tolerance.



Head of Department: Santiago Merino 


Exhibition Coordinators:

  • Soraya Peña de Camus Sáez
  • Cristina Cánovas
  • Jesús Dorda

Architect: Alfonso Marra

Exhibition Technical Support: Mª Victoria Rodríguez

Restoration and Maintenance: Jesús Juez







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