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Líneas de Investigación / Research Lines

Principales líneas de investigación / Main Research Lines:


• Animal behavior

• Bioacoustics

• Conservation of endangered species of amphibians and reptiles 



Proyectos en curso / Ongoing Projects:



Fonoteca Zoológica



Miembros del grupo de investigación / Research Group Members:


Sobre los miembros del grupo / About the group members


Últimas publicaciones / Latest Publications:


Llusia, D., R. Márquez, J F.Beltrán,M. Benítez & J.P. do Amaral. 2013. Calling behaviour under climate change: geographic and seasonal variation of calling temperatures in ectotherms. Global Change Biology.


Roldán, M., M. Soler, R. Márquez & J. J. Soler. 2013 Vocal begging display of Great Spotted Cuckoo (Clamator glandarius) nestlings in nests of its two main host species: genetic differences or developmental plasticity?


Bohm, M. R. Márquezet al. 2013. The conservation status of the world's reptiles. Biological Conservation. 157, 372–385.


Arias, A, Llusia, D, Beltrán, J F, El Mouden, H, Slimani, T, Radi, M, Fattah, A & R. Márquez. 2012. The song of Eugaster spinulosa (Orthoptera, Tettigoniidae): description and relationship between song parameters and temperature. Bioacoustics, 21:225-238.


Penna, M., D. Llusia, & R. Márquez. 2012.Propagation of natural toad calls in a Mediterranean terrestrial environment.Journal of the Acoustic Society of America. 132, (6) 4025-4031.


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