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Curriculum Vitae

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Main research lines / Líneas de investigación

- Animal-plant interactions in Mediterranean ecosystems.

- Role of keystone species for the long-term sustainability of natural and man-made systems.

- Influence of human uses on key interactions (herbivory, seed dispersal).

- Land-use policies and conservation.

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Relevant milestones and summary of the scientific activity and production records / Logros principales

- Over 150 publications (books, book chapters and scientific and divulgative papers) cited 3800 times


- 60 papers in SCI-journals. Over 1800 citations.

- Over 75 conferences in national and international congresses, courses and workshops.

- More than 10 years of University teaching

- Participation in over 35 research projects, leading 15

- 7 Phd Theses and 8 MsD Theses. Currently supervising 2 PhDs.

Ministerio de Ciencia e InnovaciónCSIC

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