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Research lines - Líneas de investigación


My main interest is to study the carbon blanace of terrestrial ecosustems and its response to climate change. I did my Ph.D. at Edinburgh University where I trained as a Plant Ecophysiologist. My theis dealt with the response of trees to increased atmospheric CO2 concentration. After that I worked as a Postdoc for several years at Edinburgh on several european porjects dealing with carbon and nutrogen cycling in Euroepan forests, part of the CRBOEUROPE and FLUXNET international networks. I have also worked as a visitor in several US Universities such as Biosphere2 Centre of Clumbia University, NCAR in COlorado, Stand and DAvis University. I was a Visiting Expert in FAO working on a project dealing with carbon sequestration strategies in drylands. I have also ived for several years in Italy where I have collaborated with the Universtiy of VIterbo, CNRROme and INGV. I am currently an associated scientist of these institutions. 



In 2007 I became a Permanent researcher at CSIC and since then I have concentrated my reasearch on the impact of climate change on Mediterranan and forest ecosystems. Current research interests in our group include the impact of human activities on the ecplogical, physiological,  of Mediterranean forests, the interaction between different global change drivers, forest dieback, bitoic and abiotic emissio of greenhouse gases, abitoic processes of litter deocmpositon., etc. 



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