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Juan Carlos  Alonso López


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Research interests



I work in the Department of Evolutionary Ecology at the Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, CSIC (National Museum of Natural Sciences, Spanish Council for Scientific Research). My research fields are behavioural ecology and conservation biology, and my current interests are the behavioural and ecological adaptations of strong sexual selection, the evolution of sex ratio and sexual segregation in species with extreme sexual size dimorphism, and the effects of human-induced landscape changes on the behaviour and population dynamics of wild species.


Working mostly with birds, my research has been typically based on long-term monitoring of behavioural patterns and life histories of marked individuals. By linking individual behaviour with population ecology, my aim was to find answers to fundamental questions in behavioural ecology through a deep knowledge of the species and systems studied, that could also later be applied to their conservation.



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Research lines - Líneas de investigación

I have worked on the following research lines and subjects:


Behavioural Ecology
· gregarious behaviour in birds (adaptive value of flocking during foraging)
· optimal vs equilibrium flock size
· ideal free distribution vs phenotype-limited distribution
· intraspecific aggression, cleptoparasitism
· flocking vs territorial behaviour
· central place foraging strategies
· risk-sensitive foraging
· dispersal in relation to abundance and distribution of resources (carrying capacity, patch use strategies)
· dispersal ecology (juvenile, natal and breeding dispersal)
· parent-offspring conflict
· costs of parental care in relation to offspring sex
· reproductive strategies and dispersal
· relationships between parental care, phenotypic quality and juvenile dispersal
· evolution of lekking in birds
· breeding systems and genetic structure of metapopulations
· sexual selection: behavioural and ecological adaptations of extreme sexual size dimorphism, evolution of sex ratio, sexual segregation

Conservation Biology
· demography, population dynamics (productivity, mortality, sex bias, population viability analysis), population fragmentation
· habitat selection and patterns of space use in farmland habitats
· genetic structure of metapopulations, landscape genetics
· dispersal and migration in human-altered environments
· farmland bird ecology, influence of farming intensification on the behaviour and distribution of birds, bird responses to anthropogenic landscape modification
· bird mortality at power lines

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