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El Ventorrillo Experimental Field Station

Bio-geological Field Station of  El Ventorrillo


Located in the Sierra de Guadarrama, about 60 km from Madrid, near the towns of Cercedilla and Navacerrada. It consists of about six hectares of mixed forest and two buildings equipped to accommodate up to 24 people. There are laboratories and experimental animals that allow small animals to be kept in semi-liberated conditions.


El Ventorrillo en la Sierra de Guadarrama


The research carried out mainly includes aspects of evolutionary ecology (reproduction costs, predation and parasitism in birds and reptiles, feeding strategies, ecomorphology and ecophysiology, etc.). Research on diversity, ecology and wildlife conservation in the Guadarrama mountain range .


The CSIC grants specific predoctoral scholarships for El Ventorrillo.



Estación Alpina de Biología del GuadarramaIts beginning began in 1911, with the name of "Estación Alpina de Biología del Guadarrama ("Alpine Station of Biology of the Guadarrama)", and soon reached a great scientific prestige by the studies realized, as much by national and foreign investigators.


The first director of El Ventorrillo was Francisco de las Barras de Aragón, who started the activities of the Biological Station with the course "Natural History of the Sierra de Guadarrama.


Although currently Ventorrillo is not a place open to the public, but a work center, the National Museum of Natural Sciences, aware of the importance of disclosure, has given up some of its traveling exhibitions and has offered lectures in the villages of the Sierra , In particular in Cercedilla and Navacerrada, to inform its inhabitants, visitors and especially schoolchildren about their environment and the research work being carried out in their environment.


Also, in order to contribute to this informative work, there is a blog called " Observatorio de El Ventorrillo " ( which reports on research projects, books published on the Sierra de Guadarrama and a "field notebook" where you are invited to observe nature.


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