Experimental Field Stations

Ore Experimental Field Station

Ore Experimental Field Station


Located in the central part of the Esva river valley, south of the town of Luarca (Asturias), this station has its origin in a long-term study that began in 1986, whose objective was to monitor populations of salmonids and eels long-term.


A few years later, towards 1989 and with the purpose of reducing expenses of Intendance, etc., the City Council of Valdés (Luarca) dealt with the possibility of ceding one of the many schools scattered throughout the region, which then became property of the town councils. After several talks an agreement was reached between the CSIC and the City Council to cede, in usufruct, half of the building of one of these schools. Subsequently it was fixed and since then it has been used regularly.



PontigonThis building consists of two floors of about 60 meters each. The lower part was conditioned as a laboratory while the upper has three bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom.









Since 1989, in addition to being able to develop the largest population dynamics study ever conducted, it has also supported parallel studies on a wide range of topics.






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