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David  Vieites Rodríguez


914111328 - 1219




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Investigación / Research Lines

David Vieites holds the REFER Biodiversity Chair at CIBIO-InBIO since 2012, is a Research Scientist at the Spanish Research Council (CSIC), and asociate researcher at the University of Barcelona within the "Grupo de Investigación de Excelencia de Biología de Vertebrados de la Generalitat de Cataluña".



During the last years he has been working in the integration of different fields such as evolutionary biology, historical biogeography, genomics or taxonomy, to answer different key questions about the diversification, evolutionary history and speciation of different organisms, mainly vertebrates. In the last years he has initiated a research line on spatial biology, integrating landscape genetic models, connectivity analyses and population genomics.

Since he started his lab at the CSIC in late 2008, he as participated in 10 research projects, being PI in 6 of them.

From his work, he as published 86 papers, including 2xNature, 2xScience, 4xPNAS, 1 PloS Biology, 1 Trends in Ecology and Evolution, and 2 Systematic Biology, among others.

According to Google Scholar, he has 3126 citations (2472 in the last 5 years), H index= 27 and I10 index= 45).




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