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Caridad  Zazo Cardeña


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Investigación / Researh





Caridad Zazo,  Reserch Professor at the National Museum of Natural Sciences (MNCN), Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) .

Profesional address: Dptp. de Geologia, Museo Nacional Ciencias Naturales (CSIC), Jose Gutierrez Abascal 2, 28006- Madrid, Spain.


Professional Preparation

University Complutense, Faculty of Geology, Madrid-Spain, PhD in Geology, 1980.



1991-present-----Research Professor,-CSIC
1984-1991--------Senior Reader, University, Fac.Geology-Madrid
1980-1984--------Assistant Professor, Dept.Geodynamic-Fac.Geology-Madrid
1973-1980--------Employed –Geologist- Mapping- IBERGESA Company-Madrid
1969-1972--------Predoctoral Fellow (FPI). Dept. Paleontology. Fac.Geology, Madrid


Research Lines:

  • Quaternary, sea-level changes and coastal evolution: long and short term.
  • Extreme wave events: storm surges and tsunamis.
  • Paleoseismicity, and active tectonics in coastal areas.
  • Geographical areas: Atlantic –Mediterranean  linkage area (Spain and Portugal).
    Canary, Capo Verde, and Azores archipelagos.



Photo: Marine Terrace of MIS 5e, Last Interglacial ca. 125kyr. Sa Estalella-Mallorca


Research ID: 7003710588


 Most relevant publications for the current research objectives

-Zazo, C.,Goy, J.L., Hillaire-Marcel, C., Guillot,, P.Y., Soler, V., Gonzalez-Delgado, J.A., Dabrio, C., Ghaleb, B. (2002). Raised marine sequences of Lasnzarote and Fuerteventura revisited- a reappraisal of relative sea- level changes and vertical movements in the Eastern Canary Islands during the Quaternary. Quaternary Science Reviews ,21, 2019-2046. link


-Zazo, C.; Goy, J. L.; Dabrio, C. J.; Bardají, T.; Hillaire-Marcel, C.; Ghaleb, B.; González-Delgado, J. A.; Soler, V. (2003). Pleistocene raised marine terraces of the Spanish Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts: records of coastal uplift, sea-level highstands and climate changes. Marine Geology, 194, 103-133. link


- Zazo,C.; Goy, Jl; Dabrio, CJ; Soler, V.; Hillaire-Marcel, Cl.;Ghaleb, B.; Gonzalez-Delgado, Ja.; Bardajï, T.; Cabero, A. (2007). Quaternary marine terraces on Sal Island (Cape Verde archipelago). Quaternary Science Reviews, 26, 876-893. link


- Zazo, C., Dabrio, C.J., Goy, J.L., Lario, J., Cabero, A., Silva, P.G., Bardají, T., Mercier, N., Borja, F., Roquero, E. (2008). The coastal archives of the last 15 ka in the Atlantic-Mediterranean Spanish linkage area: Sea level and climate changes. Quaternary International, 181, 72 -87. link
-Zazo,C.; Goy, Jl; Dabrio, Cj; Soler, V.; Hillaire-Marcel, Cl.;Ghaleb, B.; Gonzalez-Delgado, Ja.; Bardajï, T.; Cabero, A. (2007). Quaternary marine terraces on Sal Island (Cape Verde archipelago). Quaternary Science Reviews, 26, 876-893. link


-Dabrio, CJ.., Zazo, C.,Cabero, A., Goy, Bardaji, T., Hillaire-Marcel, C., Gonzalez-Delgado, J.A., Lario, J., Silva, P.G., Borja, F.,Garcia-Blazquez, A..M. (2011). Millennial/Submillennial- scale sea level fluctuations in western Mediterranean during the second highstand of  MIS 5e. Quaternary Science Reviews, 30, 335-346. link
-Lario, J.Zazo, C., Goy, J.L., Silva, P.G., Bardají, T., Cabero, A., Dabrio, C.J. (2011). Holocene paleotsunamis catalogue of SW Iberia. Quaternary International.241, 196-200. link


 -Zazo, C., Goy, J.L., Dabrio, C.J., Lario, J., Gonzalez-Delgado, J.A., Bardaji, T., Hillaire- Marcel, C.,  Cabero, A., Ghaleb, B.,, Borja, F., Silva, P.G., Roquero, E., Soler, V. (2013) . Retracing the Quaternary history of sea-level changes in the Spanish Mediterranean-Atlantic coasts: Geomorphological and sedimentological approach. Geomorphology, 196, 36-49. link


- Bardaji, T., Cabero, A., Lario, J., Zazo, C., Silva, P.G., Goy, J.L., Dabrio, C.J. (2014). Coseismic vs climatic factors in the record of relative sea level changes . an example for the last interglacialin SE Spain. Quaternary Science Reviews . Ms. Ref. No.:  JQSR-D-14-00218R1 (Accepted).


Supervision of PhD Theses
Total: 13 Ph.D Theses supervised. UCM-Madrid University, Science Faculty - University of Salamanca: A. Martinez–Graña.,2010, A. Cabero-2009, R. Cruz-2007, L. Luque-2002, E. Garcia-Melendez-2000, T. Bardaji-1999, J. Lario1996, E. Roquero-1994, P.G. Silva-1994, P. Carral-1993; L. Torcal- 1989, L. Somoza-1989;  A. Martin-Serrano -1986.


International and National Committees

  • Member of the Advisory Council of the Commission on Coastal and Marine Processes  (International Union for Quaternary Research- INQUA). 2008-present
  •  Academic with Medal nº21 (elect) of the Royal Academy of Sciences (Real Academia de Ciencias Exactas, Fisicas, Quimicas y Naturales - RAC) .2011-present



  • “Golden Chondrite of Merit” , for contributing to reach  a  global dimension  of the  Iberian. Awared by the CIMA, Center of the Marine and  Envronmental . Algarve-University (Portugal).2009
  • “Arquero de oro”., Medal nº 2  for contributing  to move  the Spanish Quaternary to International Level. Awared by the Spanish  Association for Quaternary Studies, AEQUA. 2011.



Photo: Cemented beach deposits at Cascalho, Sal Island. Cabo Verde. Aged ca. 130kyr, U-series measurementsMIS 5e,Last Interglacial. Background- relief of Rabo Junco, Quaternary volcanic rocks




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