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Antonio  García Valdecasas Huelín


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Investigador Cientifico del CSIC

Líneas de Investigación / Research Lines

Principales líneas de investigación / Main Research Lines:


• Taxonomía de ácaros acuáticos, en todo el mundo. / Water mite taxonomy, worldwide.

• Teoría taxonómica. / Taxonomy theory.

• Métodos de imagen para identificación, repositorio y recuperación taxonómica. / Imaging methods for taxonomic identification, repository and retrieval.

• Métodos morfométricos. / Morphometric methods.

• Herramientas taxonómicas por ordenador. / Taxonomic tools by computer.

• Difusión y alfabetización científica. / Science diffusion and literacy.



Proyectos en curso / Ongoing projects:


vision_ventral_acaro_acuatico_al_microscopio_confocal• Origen y especiación de ácaros acuáticos en Madeira. / Origin and speciation of Madeira water mite fauna.

• Métodos de imagen en acarología. / Imaging for acarology.

• La materia negra en Taxonomía.  / Dark matter of Taxonomy.






Publicaciones relevantes / Relevant publications:



Valdecasas, A. G., Castroviejo, S. & Marcus, L. F. (2000). Reliance on the citation index undermines the study of biodiversity. Nature, 403: 698.


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Valdecasas, A. G. (2008). Confocal microscopy applied to water mite taxonomy with the description of a new genus of Axonopsinae (Acari, Parasitengona, Hydrachnidia) from Central America. Zootaxa, 1820: 41-48.


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Últimas publicaciones / Latest publications:



García-Jiménez, R., Horreo, J.L. & Valdecasas, A.G. (2017). Minimal barcode distance between two water mite species from Madeira Island: a cautionary tale. Exp Appl Acarol., 72: 133.
DOI: 10.1007/s10493-017-0147-5


Sánchez, M.I., Coccia, C., Valdecasas, A.G. et al.  (2015). Parasitism by water mites in native and exotic Corixidae: Are mites limiting the invasion of the water boatman Trichocorixa verticalis (Fieber, 1851)?. J. Insect. Conserv., 19: 433.
DOI: 10.1007/s10841-015-9764-7

Valdecasas, A. G., Peláez, M. L. and Wheeler, Q. D. (2014).  What's in a (biological) name? The wrath of Lord Rutherford. Cladistics, 30: 215-223.
DOI: 10.1111/cla.12035

de Carvalho, M. R., Ebach, M. C., Williams, D. M., Nihei, S. S., Trefaut Rodrigues, M., Grant, T., Silveira, L. F., Zaher, H., Gill, A. C., Schelly, R. C., Sparks, J. S., Bockmann, F. A., Séret, B., Ho, H.-C., Grande, L., Rieppel, O., Dubois, A., Ohler, A., Faivovich, J., Assis, L. C. S., Wheeler, Q. D., Goldstein, P. Z., de Almeida, E. A. B., Valdecasas, A. G. and Nelson, G. (2014).  Does counting species count as taxonomy? On misrepresenting systematics, yet again. Cladistics, 30: 322-329.
DOI: 10.1111/cla.12045


V. Pesic, A.G. Valdecasas and R. García-Jiménez. 2012. Simultaneous evidence for a new species of Torrenticola Piersig, 1896 (Acari, Hydrachnidia) from Montenegro. Zootaxa 3515: 38 - 50


Q. D. Wheeler, S. Knapp, D. W. Stevenson, J. Stevenson, S. D. Blum, B. M. Boom; G. G. Borisy,; J. L. Buizer,; M. R. de Carvalho; A. Cibrian; M. J. Donoghue,; V. Doyle; E. M. Gerson,; C. H. Graham,; P. Graves,; S. J. Graves; R. P. Guralnick; A. L. Hamilton; J. Hanken; W. Law,; D. L. Lipscomb,; T. E. Lovejoy; H. Miller,; J. S. Miller; S. Naeem,; M. J. Novacek,; L. M. Page,; N. I. Platnick, ,; H. Porter-Morgan; P. H. Raven,; M. A. Solis,; A. G. Valdecasas,; S. van der Leeuw,; A. Vasco,; N. Vermeulen,; J. Vogel,; J. B. Woolley. (2012).  Mapping the Biosphere: Exploring Species to Understand the Origin, Organization, and Sustainability of Biodiversity. Systematics and Biodiversity 10: 1- 20
DOI: 10.1080/14772000.2012.665095


T. Namiotko, A. G. Valdecasas, E. K. Magyari. (2012). Exceptionally well-preserved giant spermatozoa in female Cypria ophtalmica (Ostracoda: Candonidae) from Late Glacial lacustrine sediments of Southern Carpathians, Romania. Naturwissenschaften 99:587 -590
DOI: 10.1007/s00114-012-0934-0


Valdecasas, A. G., Ramos, M., and Sánchez, M. (2012).  In: M. Birthälmer & M. Hierschläg (eds.): Biodiversity Heritage Library for Europe. Best Practice Guidelines and Standards. National Museum Prague, 75 pp. ISBN 978-80-7036-346-1


Lorenzo-Carballa, M. O., Beatty, C.D. , Haitlinger, R., Valdecasas, A. G., Utzeri, C., Vieira, V. & Cordero-Rivera, A. (2011). Larval aquatic and terrestrial mites infesting parthenogenetic Ischnura hastata (Odonata:Coenagrionidae) from the Azores islands. Experimental and Applied Acarology 54:225-241

DOI: 10.1007/s10493-011-9437-5


Valdecasas, A.G. (2011). An index to evaluate the quality of taxonomic publications. Zootaxa, 2925: 57 - 62


Ebach, M., Valdecasas, A. G., & Wheeler, Q. D. (2011). The Taxonomic Impediment: Accessibility and Impact Evaluation. Cladistics, 27: 550-557 
DOI: 10.1111/j.1096-0031.2011.00348.x


Valdecasas, A. G. & Abad, A. 2011. Morphological confocal microscopy in Arthropods and the enhancement of autofluorescence after proteinase k extraction. Microscopy and Microanalysis, 17: 109-113 
DOI: 10.1017/S1431927610094213



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