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Since more than thirty years our main research line has been focused in Taxonomy and Systematics of Hymenoptera Cynipoidea, especially on the well known gall wasps (Cynipidae) which induce complex galls on plants. The plant galls induced by Cynipidae support rich and ecologically closed communities of organisms dominated by cynipid inquilines and parasitoids belonging several families of Chalcidoidea. Our actual research lines in these fields include phylogeny and evolution of Cynipoidea, based in morphological and molecular data, phylogeography and Bar-coding of gall wasps, inquilines and parasitoids and morphology and phylogeny of immature stages of gall wasps and their inquilines and parasitoids.


More recently we are involved in research projects on the diversity of gall wasps in Chile, Panama, México and South Africa.


These research lines have determined a strong focus in insect plant interactions centered in the field of the Cecidology, or the study of Gall-inducing arthropods, including regional surveys, compilation of catalogues, ongoing field guides and occasionally fossil galls.

Another research line of our team is focused in Biodiversity. We have developed projects centered on insects, particularly Hymenoptera, as biodiversity indicators, and Malaise trap based biodiversity inventories in Europe, Africa and South America. We are interested in the comparison of diversity patterns among temperate and tropical areas, and their application to Conservation. Some research projects developed in this field include Surveys and Inventories in the Sierra de Guadarrama and Monte de El Pardo, Artikutza and Canary islands (Spain), in the National Park of Coiba Island (Panamá), Los Queules, native maulino forest (Chile) and Equatorial Guinea.




Últimas publicaciones / Latest Publications

González-Vaquero, R.A., Polidori, C., Nieves-Aldrey, J.L. (2017). Taxonomy and ecology of a new species of Corynura (Hymenoptera: Halictidae: Augochlorini) from Chile and Argentina. Zootaxa, 4221 (1): 95-110.


Medianero, Enrique & Nieves-Aldrey, Jose-Luis. (2017). Primera cita del género Neuroterus hartig (Hymenoptera, Cynipidae, Cynipini) para América Central, con descripción de tres especies nuevas de Panamá y Costa Rica. Graellsia. 73. .


Jorge, A., C. Polidori, J. García-Guinea, J.L. Nieves-Aldrey, (2017). Spectral cathodoluminescence analysis of hymenopteran mandibles with different levels of zinc enrichment in their teeth. Arthropod Structure & Development, 46(1): 39-48,


Jorge García,   A.,  C. Polidori, J. L. Nieves-Aldrey , (2016). Pheomelanin in the secondary sexual characters of male parasitoid wasps (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae). Arthropod Structure & Development, 45(4): 311-319,


Polidori, C.,  J. L. Nieves-Aldrey , (2015). Comparative flight morphology in queens of invasive and native Patagonian bumblebees (Hymenoptera: Bombus). Comptes Rendus Biologies, 338(2):126-133,


Polidori, C., A. Jorge García, J. L. Nieves-Aldrey, (2012). Antennal sensillar equipment in closely related predatory wasp species (Hymenoptera: Philanthinae) hunting for different prey types. Comptes Rendus Biologies, 335(4):279-291,


Stone, G.N.,  K. Lohse, J. A. Nicholls, P.o Fuentes-Utrilla, F. Sinclair, K. Schönrogge, G. Csóka, G.e Melika, J.L. Nieves-Aldrey, J. Pujade-Villar, M. Tavakoli, R. R. Askew, M. J. Hickerson, (2012). Reconstructing Community Assembly in Time and Space Reveals Enemy Escape in a Western Palearctic Insect Community. Current Biology, 22(6):532-537,


NIEVES-ALDREY,J. L., (2012). Two new herb gall wasps from Spain, including the description of a new species of Aulacidea Ashmead, 1897 (Hymenoptera, Cynipidae, “Aylacini”) inducing galls on Serratula nudicaulis L. DC (Asteraceae). Graellsia,


NIEVES-ALDREY, J. L., PASCUAL, E., MALDONADO, Y., MEDIANERO, E. & OYAMA, K. (2012). Revision of the Amphibolips species of Mexico excluding the “niger complex” Kinsey (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae), with description of seven new species. Zootaxa, 3545: 1-40.


NIEVES-ALDREY, J. L. & SHARKEY, M., 2012. Himenópteros. En: P. Vargas, y R. Zardoya (Eds). El árbol de la vida: sistemática y evolución de los seres vivos. Madrid: 322-333.


NIEVES-ALDREY, J. L. (2012). Recensiones bibliográficas. En: Martín Albaladejo, C. e Izquierdo Moya, I. (eds.).  Al encuentro del naturalista Manuel Martínez de la Escalera (1867-1949). Graellsia, 68(1): 221-224.


POLIDORI,C., GARCÍA, A. J. & NIEVES-ALDREY, J. L. (2012). Antennal sensillar equipment in closely related predatory wasp species(Hymenoptera:Philanthinae) hunting for different prey types. Comptes rendus Biologies, 335: 279-291.


STONE, G.N., LOHSE, K., NICHOLLS, J. A., FUENTES-UTRILLA, P., SINCLAIR, F., SCHÖNROGGE, K., CSÓKA, G., MELIKA, G., NIEVES-ALDREY, J.L., PUJADE-VILLAR, J., TAVAKOLI, M., ASKEW, R.R., &HICKERSON, M.J.,. (2012). Reconstructing Community Assembly in time and space reveals enemy escape in a Western Palearctic Insect Community. Current Biology, 22, 1-6.


GÓMEZ, J. F & NIEVES-ALDREY, J. L., 2012.Notes on the larval morphology of Pteromalidae (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea) species parasitoids of gall wasps (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae) in Europe. Zootaxa, 3189: 39-55.





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