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I am very interested in broad-scale patterns of biodiversity and particularly in understanding the relative importance of environmental, biotic and historical factors in limiting species geographical ranges. I am also very interested in methodological and conceptual issues related to species´ distribution models. Currently, I am trying to challenge different hypothesis about the origin of distributional borders (biotic, environmental, genetic, physiological, behavioural...) using individual based models in an effort to promote a more interdisciplinary solution to the problem. This approach also makes possible the union of different biological scales, and the connection between traditional natural history and modern ecology. I truly believe that just from such an integrative approach we will be able to shed light on the determinants of geographic ranges and, consequently, on global biodiversity patterns. All these topics have strong implication in the assessment of the possible impacts of global change on biodiversity. I also work on the ecology and biogeography of spiders and I am now very interested on subterranean biology. I am a member of the Biología del suelo y de los ecosistemas subterráneos GIBSES research group, based in Alcalá University.  


I am Associate Editor for Global Ecology and Biogeography.




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