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Miguel  Álvarez-Cobelas


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Investigador Cientifico del CSIC

Publicaciones y proyectos / Publications and projects

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Publicaciones más relevantes / Most relevant publications:

1) Piña, E. & M. Alvarez Cobelas. 2006. Denitrification in aquatic environments: a cross-system analysis. Biogeochemistry 81: 111-130.
2) Alvarez Cobelas, M., S. Sánchez-Carrillo, S. Cirujano & D.G. Angeler. 2007. Long-term changes in spatial patterns of emergent vegetation in a Mediterranean floodplain: natural versus anthropogenic constraints. Plant Ecology 194: 257-271.
3) Alvarez Cobelas, M., D.G. Angeler & S. Sánchez-Carrillo. 2008. Export of nitrogen from catchments: a world-wide analysis. Environmental Pollution 156: 261-269.
4) Alvarez Cobelas, M., S. Sánchez-Carrillo, D.G. Angeler & R. Sánchez-Andrés. 2009. A global review of phosphorus export from catchments. Journal of the North American Benthological Society 28: 805-820.
5) Benítez, M., M. Alvarez Cobelas & D.G. Angeler. 2010. Effects of climatic change on stream water quality in Spain. Climatic Change 110: 339-352.
6) Alvarez Cobelas, M., D.G. Angeler, S. Sánchez Carrillo & G. Almendros. 2012. A world-wide view of organic carbon export from catchments. Biogeochemistry 107: 275-293.
7) Ortiz-Llorente, M.J. & M. Alvarez Cobelas. 2012. Comparison of biogenic methane emissions from unmanaged estuaries, lakes, oceans, rivers and wetlands. Atmospheric Environment 59: 328-337.
8) Angeler, D.G., C.R. Allen, C. Rojo, M. Alvarez Cobelas, M.A. Rodrigo & S. Sánchez-Carrillo. 2013. Inferring the relative resilience of alternative states. PlosOne 8 (10): e77338.
9) Alvarez Cobelas, M., S. Cirujano, E. Montero, C. Rojo, M.A. Rodrigo, E. Piña, J.C. Rodríguez Murillo, O. Soriano, M. Aboal, J.P. Marín & R. Araujo. 2006. Ecología acuática y sociedad de las lagunas de Ruidera. CSIC. Madrid. 414 pp. ISBN: 978-84-00-08522-3.
10) Alvarez Cobelas, M. (en revisión). La vida cotidiana del científico en España. Editorial Gedisa. Barcelona. 1400 pp (en manuscrito).


Proyectos y contratos destacados (últimos 10 años) / Featured projects and contracts (last 10 years):

1) Isotopic biogeochemistry applied to lake nutrient metabolisms (CGL2009-10408). National Plan R+D+i of the Ministry of Science and Innovation. IP: Salvador Sánchez Carrillo. 01/01/2010-31/12/2013; 120.000 €
2) Remote sensing of climate change effects on ecology and biogeochemistry of macrophyte communities in Las Tablas de Daimiel National Park (OAPN 001/2008). Research Program of the Public Authority of National Parks. IP: Salvador Sánchez Carrillo. 01/01/2009-20/06/2013; 123.222 €
3) Vulnerability of aquatic ecosystems in the south of the Iberian Peninsula facing global change factors: ultraviolet radiation and mineral nutrients intake (PO7-CVI-02598). Projects of Research Excellence for the Government of Andalusia. IP: Presentación Carrillo Lechuga. 15/02/2006-14/02/2009; 130.000 €
4) Freshwater pollution by nitrates: natural and technological solutions (CGL2006-2346-HID). National Plan R+D+i of the Ministry of Science and Innovation. IP: Miguel Alvarez Cobelas. 01/10/2006-30/09/2009; 80.000 €
5) Sources and sinks of carbon in the National Park Las Tablas de Daimiel (OAPN 81/2005). Research Program of the Public Authority of National Parks. IP: Miguel Alvarez Cobelas. 01/12/2005-30/11/2008; 70.000 €
6) An Integral study of the quantity and quality of surfacewater and groundwater in the Upper Guadiana basin, in relation to past and present land uses and focused on the restoration of aquatic ecosystems. Contract by the Guadiana Water Authority. IP: Miguel Alvarez Cobelas. 01/10/ 2008-31/12/2011; 750.000 €
7) Sustainable local management in the field of water policy. Contract by Las Rozas de Madrid Municipality. IP: Miguel Alvarez Cobelas. 1/01/2010-31/12/2013; 160.000 €
8) Environmental monitoring and assessment in Las Tablas de Daimiel National Park. Contract by TRAGSA. IP: Santos Cirujano Bracamonte. 1/01/2008-31/12/2011; 240.000 €


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