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Javier  García Guinea


914111328 - 1190




Profesor de investigación del CSIC

                                                             Born in Madrid, 1953 with basic studies on Geological Sciences (1976), Gemmology (1978) and Ph.D. in Science (1981) conducting research on the field of the Spanish ore deposits of gemstone materials. From 1981 was mineralogical teacher in the Spanish Universities of Madrid, Zaragoza and Extremadura reaching a permanent job position as staff at 1987. Later, he moved to the Department of Geology of the Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales (MNCN) to research only. JGG is Professor of Research of the Spanish Researching Council (CSIC) ascribed to the MNCN institution for basic mineralogical research in the Geology Department. JGG is Scientific supervisor in the following units: (i) Laboratory of Electron Microscopy and Spectroscopy Facilities with four equipments: ESEM-EDS-CL, ESEM-WDS, Micro-Raman and CLSM (ii) Geological Laboratories equipped with DTA-TG, DRX, FRX, A.A., O. M., Cold-CL, Laser-Counter, etc. (iii) MNCN Historical Collections of Minerals, Rocks, Gemstones, Meteorites. JGG has circa 170 hits en el Web of Science, 75 in divulgation journals, 140 presentations to meetings, 16 books chapters, 2 years in the Laboratory of Luminescence of the University of Sussex, 2 patents, 5 International Cooperation actions in Uruguay, Vietnam, Bolivia, Argentina and Ecuador, Vice-director of the MNCN, etc. Dr. Garcia-Guinea performs basic research on “Mineral and Planetary Sciences” with emphases on the geochemical, molecular and luminescent properties of minerals and synthetic crystals and Museum’s historical collections of rocks, minerals, meteorites and ores. The physicochemical properties, thermodynamic and kinetic stability of minerals in the natural world provide crucial data for multidisciplinary studies on archaeology, toxicology of heavy metals, metallurgy, climate change, etc. JGG was Chairman of the CORALS 2011 Conference on Micro-Raman Spectroscopy and Luminescence Studies in the Earth and Planetary Sciences (CORALS II) which will be held May 18–20, 2011, at the Spanish CSIC Central Campus in Madrid, Spain in the Lunar and Planetary Institute, USA, website







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