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Manuel Jesús  Salesa Calvo


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Investigación / Research

The main part of my research during the last 18 years has been chiefly concerned with many aspects of the evolution of Miocene-Pliocene Carnivora from Eurasia, Africa and North America, mainly their functional anatomy and systematics, and their relationships with their palaeoecology.

My current research interest centres on the functional anatomy of fossil and extant felids (specially sabre-toothed felids), mustelids, amphicyonids and ailurids, and its relationships with locomotor adaptations and environmental changes. In this context, the term "functional anatomy" is referred to the whole skeleton including teeth, bones and intracranial cavities, as a way to obtain a wide view on the biomechanics, physiology and paleoecology of these groups, which allow better understanding and reconstructing the palaeo-environments where these animals lived. This intention of carrying out a study that includes as many aspects as possible is the reason because I combine classical anatomical studies using dissections and comparative collections, with the analysis of the intracranial cavities and structures of fossil and extant carnivorans using the modern techniques of CT Scan.




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