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"Taxonomic, Phylogenetic and Functional diversity in South American Hummingbirds", impartido por Catherine Graham, Stony Brook University, USA.


El viernes 27 de abril de 2012 a las 12h, Salón de Actos del Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales.


Título: Taxonomic, Phylogenetic and Functional diversity in South American Hummingbirds
Catherine Graham, Associate Professor at Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY, USA.



Evaluating the relative importance of ecological, evolutionary and biogeographic processes in the generation and maintenance of biological diversity remains a fundamental challenge in biodiversity science. To date, most studies have focused on taxonomic diversity and have paid relatively little attention to other dimensions of biological diversity, such as phylogenetic (or genetic) and functional diversity.  As a result, biodiversity scientists know relatively little about how these three dimensions (taxonomic, phylogenetic and functional) relate to each other and which ecological and evolutionary processes influence variation among the dimensions.  I combine taxonomic, phylogenetic and functional beta-diversity in hummingbirds across strong environmental gradients and varying degrees of isolation in northern South American hummingbirds.  I evaluate how different mechanisms, including dispersal limitation via geographic barriers, conservatism of functional traits and rapid radiation of lineages, might influence contemporary patterns of diversity.


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