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Ciclo de conferencias del proyecto europeo Synthesys


Fecha: Martes, 22 de septiembre de 2015

Horario: a las 11:00 horas

Lugar: C/ Pinar, 25 (Sala de Juntas de Paleobiología).

Título: 'Microwear Texture Analysis and the Diet of Paleolithic Hominins'

Impartida por: Sireen El Zaatari, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology (Leipzig, Germany), y becaria del proyecto europeo Synthesys con el Prof. Antonio Rosas.



«Microwear texture analysis is a new automated and repeatable approach to the study of dental microwear, where the scanning confocal profilometry replaces the scanning electron microscopy and scale-sensitive fractal analysis is introduced as a tool for 3-D analysis of microwear features. Studies employing this technique for the analysis of occlusal molar microwear patterns of various extant and extinct species, including hominins, have attested to its efficiency in providing insights into the dietary habits of these taxa. Specifically, the application of this technique to a large number of paleolithic hominins from their wide temporal and geographic ranges has shed light on behavioral aspects that distinguish Upper Paleolithic Modern Humans from their predecessors, i.e., the Neandertals and Pre-Neandertals, in western Eurasia.
The major results of the occlusal molar microwear texture analyses reveal differences in the patterns of dietary adaptations of these hominins: whereas the Neandertals adapted to changing paleoecological conditions by altering their diets, Upper Paleolithic Humans altered their technologies to free themselves from such environmental constraints and obtain access to preferred food resources.»


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Josefina Cabaraga

Teléfono: +34 91 411 1328 ext. 1117






Seminario de Investigación


Viernes, 10 de julio a las 12:00 horas en el Salón de Actos


Seminario de Investigación

Título: 'Amphibian Population Declines: Complex Causes and Consequences for Global Amphibian Biodiversity'

Conferencia impartida por: Dra. Karen Lips, Department of Biology, University of Maryland, USA.



Seminario Polar


viernes, 29 de mayo a las 13:00 horas en el Salón de Actos


Seminario de Investigación

Título: 'Halógenos en la atmósfera polar: Observaciones  e impacto  en el equilibrio del ozono. Proyecto HELADO'

Conferencia impartida por: Margarita Yela del Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeroespacial (INTA)







Seminario de Investigación


Martes, 26 de mayo a las 12:00 horas en el Salón de Actos


Seminario de Investigación

Título: 'Geological emissions of C-bearing gases: CO2 vs CH4 in the global atmospheric budget'

Conferencia impartida por: Giuseppe Etiope, Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (Roma, Italia).






Seminario de Investigación


Viernes, 24 de abril a las 12:00 horas en el Salón de Actos


Seminario de Investigación

Título: 'Genomic analysis of arthropod; endosymbiont relationships'

Conferencia impartida por: Christoph Bleidorn, Universität Leipzig, Alemania.


El seminario será retransmitido en directo por CIENCIATK




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