I am an ecologist with broad interests in spatial ecology, macroecology, biodiversity conservation and global change biology.

Biodiversidad y Ecología de Microorganismos. Microbiomas: en el Medio Ambiente y en Macroorganismos.

I work trying to understand Species distributions and how they can be affected by climate change

Understand how the environment conditions the distribution of species, as well as to assess the impacts of global change on biodiversity, with a special interest in spiders. Part of the Soil and Subterranean Ecosystems Biology research group (UAH)

I lead a research group on biodiversity and climate change, which seeks to understand how Life distributes in space and time, and why. Additionally, we are focused on developing solutions for biodiversity conservation in a changing world.

Biodiversidad y taxonomía de invertebrados de ríos, calidad del agua

Systematics, dispersal and conservation of anostracans.