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The Non-Destructive Techniques Laboratory has a Leica TCS SPE Confocal Spectrtal Microscope, fully automated, with 3 laser lines at 488 nm, 532 nm and 635 nm.


It also has a MetaMorph image analysis program available to the user.


In the Confocal microscopy sessions it is possible to work with or without a specialist technician, in self-service mode, after prior training by the laboratory staff.


  • Sessions WITH technical assistance

In the Confocal microscopy sessions it is possible to work with or without a specialist technician, in self-service mode, after prior training by the laboratory staff.

  • Sessions WITHOUT technical assistance

For a more efficient working, it is advisable not to exceed 6 hours of use per week and per person. If you need to use the service for a longer time, it may be extended after informing the service technicians, who will inform you of the availability of the equipment. In case of saturation of the service, users will be notified in advance of the reduction in the maximum reservation time.

User engagement:

The users who are going to manage the equipment by themselves will have the first assisted session and, in the following sessions, they will be advised and helped by the technical personnel assigned to the service until they acquire autonomy in the development of the work. In case of any difficulties arising during the non-assisted session with the equipment, the laboratory technicians will be available to advise and to solve the problem. The users will notify the technical staff of any incidents that may have occurred during the handling of the equipment, especially those that may require the repair or maintenance of the equipment. All this will avoid inconveniences for users who want to use the equipment in the next session.

More delicate routines and operations (calibrations and alignments) MUST be performed by laboratory technicians. Third party training by other users is neither advisable nor desirable.


The computer's hard drive is cleaned periodically every month. Users are advised to save their data on their external hard drive or pen drive once the session is over.




Since the user is normally present in the laboratory at the end of the session, they will take their samples and the results obtained. When the user requests a routine session that the technicians can carry out without his presence, and always in agreement with him, the results, the report and the samples will be sent to him.



- The samples will be prepared by the users in their laboratories. The MNCN has a Histology laboratory where samples can be prepared and stained.

- Samples that require immersion objectives must always have coverslips and be properly sealed.

- The covers must have a thickness of 0.16 to 0.19 mm.

- If the confocal user is going to use any of the immersion targets (oil or glycerin), he must notify the technical staff of the laboratory beforehand to have them ready and for their subsequent cleaning.



Confocal Spectral Microscopy allows the study of samples with fluorochromes, making optical sections of them. The sample is excited point-to-point by means of a laser. The emission wavelength of this sample is greater than the excitation wavelength, and it is the latter that, when passing through a small pinhole, allows the detection of a single focal plane.

This advance in the field of microscopy makes possible the three-dimensional study of samples, including their interior, and in certain materials allows the obtaining of images of their surface by reflection.

The system also allows to make plots of laser surface microtopography.


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