Bastir Markus


As a paleoanthropologist I am interested in human evolutionary anatomy. I investigate how different anatomical and functional systems interact with each other during ontogeny and evolution resulting in the variation observed in the hominin fossil record. This viewpoint leads to an "organismal" perspective for a causal-analytic, quantitative, and hypothetico-deductive study of hominin fossils.

In my group we combine the methods of 3D geometric morphometry with 3D virtual morphological methods. Thus we can not only analyze, but also visualize quantitative models of variation patterns, model functional processes (musculoskeletal biomechanics, movement, and fluid dynamics) or simulate patterns of evolutionary change.

Currently, research projects are centered around the respiratory system, as a "functional integrator" of the craniofacial and post-cranial skeleton. As at the core of this research is the study of functionality, our research also has a translational component that relates us to respiratory biomechanics and physiology in the biomedical and bioengineering context.


Researchers in the ViMoLab

Dr Benoit Beyer (Associated Researcher, ThorEx)

Jose María González Ruíz  (Associated postdoctoral researcher, ThorEx)

Carlos Palancar (PTA, ViMolab, ThorEx)

Jose María López Rey Pérez (FPI; ThorEx)

Daniel Sanz Prieto (técnico contratado, CIVIRGUIDE)

Marta Gómez (técnico contratado, ThorEx)

Miguel López Cano (FPU)

Alejandro García Borrachero (MSc)



2022-2025           La digitalización para daptar una coleecion de entomología a los retos del siglo 21 (DACER 21); Co-IP1: Dr Rob Wilson, Co-IP2: Pr. Markus Bastir; Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, Madrid, Spain; TED2021-130795B-I00 Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, MCINN (269.100,00).

2021-2023           The evolution of the human respiratory system (III): 3D thorax reconstructions of early fossil H. sapiens, virtual musculo-skeletal biomechanics and breathing physiology during exercise (ThorEx), PI: Dr. Markus Bastir; Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, Madrid, Spain; (PID2020-115854GB-I00; Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, MCINN) (194.000€).

2022-2024           Ayudas al diagnóstico y la cirugía nasal mediante técnicas de mecánica de fluidos computacional y cirugía virtual; PI Dr Manuel Burgos Universidad de Murcia PDC; 2022-133532-I00 (98.000€).

2020-2023           Nasal Surgery guided by Computational Fluid Mechanics Techniques (CIVIRGUIDE); PI Dr Manuel Burgos Universidad de Murcia; Dr Francisco Esteban Ortega).


Other researchers of the department