Bastir Markus

Foto de perfil del investigador Bastir Markus


As paleoanthropologist I am interested in human evolutionary anatomy. I am looking into how different anatomical and functional systems interact with each other during ontogeny and evolution giving rise to the variation observed in the hominin fossil record. This view point leads to an “organism-based” framework for a causal-analytical study of hominin fossils. Using geometric morphometrics enables me further to add a hypothetico-deductive dimension to my research. With 3D virtual morphological methods I can not only analyse but also visualize quantitative models of patterns, model functional processes, or simulate patterns of evolutionary change. This combination of concepts and methods allows for an attractive way to contribute to our knowledge about the form, function and paleobiology of our ancestors. It is one important pillar in the work of the Paleoanthropology Group of the MNCN.