Garrido Colmenero Fernando


Selected Publications,


Garrido, F., Garcia-Guinea, J., López-Arce, P., Voegelin, A., Göttlicher, J., Mangold, S., Almendros, G. Thallium and co-genetic trace elements in hydrothermal Fe-Mn deposits of Central Spain. Science of the Total Environment, (2020).


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Gomez-Gonzalez, MA, Villalobos, M., Marco, JF., Garcia-Guinea, J., Bolea, E., Laborda, F., Garrido. F. Iron oxide - clay composite vectors on long-distance transport of arsenic and toxic metals in mining-affected areas. Chemosphere 197, 759-767 (2018)


López.Arce, P., Garcia-Guinea, J., Garrido, F. Chemistry and phase evolution during roasting of toxic thallium-bearing pyrite. Chemosphere, 181, 447-460 (2017).


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