Sanchez Moral Sergio

Foto de perfil del investigador Sanchez Moral Sergio


Ph.D. in Geosciences (1994), has over 20 years experience in modeling low-Temperature geochemical processes including isotope geochemistry and geomicrobiology with an internationally recognised track record of applying specialised analytical techniques for problem solving applied to surface and sub-surface processes.


The specific objectives of the research group cover the following subjects:


  •  - Studies on the biogeochemical exchange mechanisms of greenhouse gases (GEIs) between subsoil/soil/atmosphere and its response to climate variations either natural or those of anthropic origin.
  • - Environmental-biogeochemical monitoring of earth ecosystems in different climatic contexts.
  • - Applying isotopic chemistry and environmental monitoring of ecosystems to quantify exchange fluxes of GHGs  between earth ecosystems and the atmosphere.
  • - Developing, at mid-long term, technological alternatives for removal or storage of GEIs; identifying a new cost-efficient method to mitigate CH4 emissions; designing  new strategies for CO2 sequestration in subterranean environments.

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