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I am interested in patterns, processes and mechanisms associated to the generation of biodiversity, a central question in Evolutionary Biology. My research is focused in determining the amount and type of genetic variation linked to speciation events and its relationship to morphological and behavioral adaptation. Thus, I infer statistically robust phylogenetic frameworks and perform comparative genomics that allow me reconstructing the evolution of morphological and behavioral traits, as well as understanding the historical generation of current biogeographical patterns. I am currently focused mainly on gastropod systematics (with particular emphasis on cone snails) and base phylogenetic inferences on complete mitochondrial genome sequence data as well as nuclear markers derived from next generation sequencing technologies. To complement the above-mentioned research, I have also active research in molecular evolution. I am interested in the evolution of gene families (particularly conotoxins through comparative transcriptomics), model selection, and the causes behind incorrect phylogenetic inferences.



cone species





Miembros de grupo


Iker Irisarri (Post-doctoral researcher Juan de la Cierva) — Cone snails comparative genomics/ transcriptomics


Samuel Abalde (Post-doctoral researcher) — West African cone snail phylogenomics and venomics


José Ramón Pardos (Graduate student FPI) — Cone snails comparative genomics/ transcriptomics


Yi Yang (Graduate student Ocean University of China) — Mitogenomics of Nassaridae




Publicaciones relevantes


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• Comparative genomics and adaptation in the study of a radiation in Macaronesian Islands: the marine snail Conus of Cabo Verde and its conotoxins as a model system.  

Grant: CGL2016 - 75255-C2-1-P  

Funding Agency: Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness (Madrid, Spain)

Duration: 30/12/2016 - 29/12/2019

Amount (€): 189 970

PI: Zardoya, R. 


•  Understanding the molecular basis of island radiations: Evolutionary study of conotoxins in marine snails Africonus of Cape Verde using transcriptomics.  

Grant: CGL2013-45211-C2-2-P

Funding Agency: Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness (Madrid, Spain)

Duration: 30/01/2014 - 29/12/2016   

 Amount (€): 130 000

PI: Zardoya, R


 • Molecular phylogeny of gastropod mollusks based on complete mitochondrial genomes.  

Grant: CGL2007 - 60954

Funding Agency: Ministry of Science & Technology

Duration: 01/10/2007 - 31/12/2010

Amount (€): 225 060

PI: Zardoya, R