Antonio Castro Dorado

Foto de perfil del investigador Antonio Castro Dorado


My research interest is focused to constrain the physical and chemical processes related to the generation of the continental crust, with special emphasis on the generation of silicic magmas. Granite batholiths form the largest volumes of silicic magmatic rocks, and these rocks are the main subject of my research work. I have addressed research on granite petrogenesis by means of different tools and disciplines. First, I started with the study of the dynamics of magma ascent and emplacement, with some contributions based on the internal structure of plutonic rocks. Several batholiths from the Iberian massif in Spain were the subject of my research at the 80s. Later, I was more interested in granite magma generation. Since 1997, I have focused my research on laboratory experiments in an attempt to constrain physico-chemical conditions for the production of silicic magmas, including volcanic equivalents to silicic batholiths, the andesites, dacites and rhyolites that are associated to active continental margins.

I have published more than 100 ersearch papers in SCI journals and several book chapters. H index=43 (Scopus)

Stanford list of the most influencial (2%) researchers in the world. Position 15 of 116 Stanford researchers of the University of Granada in 2020

Current project (2022-2024) founded by the Spanish Agency (AEI): IBECRUST II (The role of granite batholiths in the recycling and evolution of the Iberian continental crust)