Sánchez Albert Adrián

Foto de perfil del investigador Sánchez Albert Adrián


I am a biology graduate with experience in botany, zoology and behavioral ecology, and observational and experimental research techniques in many taxa (angiosperms, butterflies, passerine birds and amphibians). My academic interest covers the effects of global change on biodiversity, including behavioral, evolutionary and ecological responses of organisms and the effects on animal welfare and species conservation. Now, my main interest is the study of global entomodiversity in a broad sense (etho-eco-evo and conservation), for which I believe that Natural History Museums have a pre-eminent role. I see myself as part of this research body for the dual opportunity it represents, either as a member of a research group or for museum collections.


My relationship with the museum began on September 2021 when I got a competitively-funded JAE-Intro introductory research grant  (CSIC, ref. JAEINT21_EX_0923) that provided 10 months funding for part-time training and research in the Entomology Collection under the guidance of Robert Wilson (Dept of Biogeography and Global Change) and Mercedes París (Curator, Entomology Collection).